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Tours & Attractions

Tours Available In the Area:
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Nearby Attractions:


Tours for the Adventurous

Thanks to Gus Vasquez (tel.# 809-426-8582), you can review the many tours that are available right from the comfort of your villa.  Most are the same that are offered by the packaged tour operators at Playa Dorada, which is about 6 miles away.  You will save time and transportation expense thanks to this exclusive service provided for our guests.

We urge you to review and book your tours as soon as possible since space is limited on many and several of the packaged tours only go on certain days of the week.  So, in order not to miss booking tours that appeal to you, please discuss them promptly with Gus.

Our goal is to see our guests enjoying themselves.  We want them to feel that they got good value for their money. For that reason, Gus will be very candid about the various tours.  They will share with you the pros and cons so that you can make a reasonable decision as to what best suits your needs, budgets and interest.

For example, on some of the most popular packaged public tours, guests enjoyed the destinations, but disliked the transportation arrangements and some of the limitations of travelling with a group of up to 60 people of diverse nationalities, requiring the use of several languages.

To remedy this problem, Gus works with reliable, small operators to create private, customized tours to these destinations.  It has meant you have the option of travelling with a small group, going directly to the destinations, and having an English- speaking guide. In some cases, you will be able to enjoy additional attractions and explore sights off the beaten path.  You will travel in the comfort of an air-conditioned van. For these private customized tours, you will pay slightly more. 

Or, you can choose the lower priced, larger packaged tour. The disadvantage of these large tours is that your huge bus will make 15- 25 stops at various hotels along the way, picking up guests.  This can mean an additional 2-3 hours per day that you will spend just picking up and dropping off people.  However, you will save some money.  Therefore, if you have plenty of time, and a limited budget, you may opt for the larger packaged tours. 

PLEASE NOTE; If you choose to cancel a tour, you must give Gus at least 24 hours notice for a refund.

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Discover the natural beauty of the Dominican countryside on a jeep adventure.  If you like to get away from the crowds and travel in an open jeep, this is for you.  You’ll pass through charming, colourful country villages in the low-lying mountains.  Many stops are made along the way for picture taking to capture the panoramic vistas, and to visit sites of interest.

Stop in a small village for a hearty Dominican lunch with rum and soda included and then continue on your way. Upon arrival at your destination, you will take a 15-minute walk across a shallow river and wade through several streams in the forest, to arrive at a magnificent waterfall and natural pool.

Swim in the refreshing, pure water that comes directly from the mountain. Those who are more adventurous will climb to the top of the waterfall with the assistance of their guides, and enjoy a cascading ride down the natural slides.  Others will just enjoy the swim.

Wear a bathing suit under casual, comfortable clothing. Aquatic shoes or tennis shoes help in crossing the river and wading through streams to the waterfall.  Do not use clogs or flip- flops. You can rent water shoes at the river crossing if you don’t have any appropriate shoes to wear.  If you have time for only one tour, this is the one to take!!!

PRICE $60 US.  Pick-up in front of Cofresi Cove Mini-market at 9:15 AM, return approx. 3:45 PM.  Leaves every day.  Children under 11 half price.

NOTE;  They do not take very young children, pregnant women past 7 months, or people with serious back problems.  Gus issues strong warnings that the Jeep safari is a very vigorous tour.  It is fun, but better suited to the healthy.  Do not select this tour if you have any health problems.

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There is an awesome “Cat” that you board at Playa Dorada. You’ll sail to Sosua on a 53 ft. Catamaran that has a bar, shaded lounge, and large sun deck. Holds 55 to 60 people. A light lunch, beer, refreshments and snorkelling equipment is included. Enjoy the water sports and seeing the exotic fish found in Sosua.

PRICE; $78 US.   Pick-up is at Cofresi Cove mini-market in Cofresi at 8:15 AM for a sailing departure at 8:30 AM sharp from Playa Dorada.  Returns around 4:30 PM.  Sails Monday, Thursday, and Saturday only.  Children under 12 are half price and babies are free. Nice outing for families.

NOTE: Due to limited space, there is a full 100% penalty if cancellations are not made within a 24-hour notice.

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An exciting adventure, one of our most popular tours! The white water rapids are of moderate difficulty (mostly Class III, with some Class IV). The trip is well organized with high standards of safety.  All equipment, including body suits, socks, shoes, life vests, and helmets are included.  The scenery alone is worth the trip.

Hint: Good idea to wear a bathing suit under your clothes, and bring a dry change of clothes for the trip home.  You may be dunked in the river!

You will be taken via air-conditioned vehicle to Jarabacoa, the mountainous interior of the country, famous for Pico Duarte, which at nearly 10,000 feet is the highest mountain in the Caribbean.  The area is known as the “Dominican Alps”, for its spectacular mountain range, towering pine trees nestled amongst the equally towering palm trees. It is a land of unusual and unspoiled beauty.


 Private tour: $100 US per person with a minimum of four people.  Air-conditioned van picks you up at Cofresi Cove mini-market at 7:30 AM and returns about 7 PM. Available any day.  Includes breakfast and lunch at mountain ranch.

 Packaged public tour: $85 per person.  Huge air conditioned bus picks you up at Columbus Plaza, near entrance of Cofresi, at 8:00 AM and returns as late as 8:30 to 9:00 PM.  This bus stops at 15 to 20 hotels along its route to pick up and drop off people so that you will spend about 2 hours longer travelling at the end of the day. The drop off leaves you nearly 1/2 mile from your villa at night.  Lunch is included. Check the days that are available and additional details with Rochelle or Gus.

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The highlight of this trip is a tour of the beautiful mountainous interior of the country, a region of abundant pine forests, mountain streams, where rice paddies and orange groves make way for vast farms of strawberries, snow peas and many other locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Your trip begins with a visit to a first-class cigar factory in Santiago where you will enjoy refreshments and see how the world- renowned Dominican cigars are made.  You will continue to the mountainous region of Jarabacoa where you will travel through typical small, colourful, Dominican communities.  You will enjoy the views, take lots of pictures, and perhaps decide to swim in the water of a crystal-clear waterfall that you will visit.

 On the way back, you will visit a large ceramic factory where you will see the famous Dominican dolls and other local pottery being made. The large and very colourful gift shop here has reasonably priced local hand made items such as hammocks, outdoor ceramic lights, and many wonderful art and trinkets to bring back.

 Packaged Public tour: $60 US per person. Trip goes only on Tuesday and Friday. Large air-conditioned bus picks up at Columbus Plaza before 8:00 AM and drops off between 7:00 and 8:00 PM.  On the return, this bus (which holds up to 60 people) stops at

15 to 20 hotels along the north coast and Cofresi is the last drop off.  Lunch is included in tour price.

Customized, private tour; $50 US per person, with minimum of 4 people.  Available every day. Comfortable air-conditioned van picks you up at Cofresi Cove mini market at 8:00 AM and returns between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.  Private tour includes more sights, and you will have more flexibility about making special stops to takes photos or explore. You’ll go to the top of a mountain on the north coast where you will see more spectacular vistas at a lovely restaurant. You will have your choice of refreshments and very modestly priced delicious local food at your expense.

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The drive to Rio San Juan, about 1 1/2 hours from Cofresi, is through scenic farmland and sugar cane fields, coconut groves, rice paddies and banana fields.  Within the city of Rio San Juan is a Mangrove lagoon called Gri Gri.  There you will ride in a wide outboard motor boat and be taken through the lagoon.  You will see large eerie trees with huge roots, rare birds, but no crocodiles or snakes and unusual tropical vegetation.

Once the boat reaches the ocean, it heads for a very small cave, where the water is about 45 feet deep and a spectacular color. Inside the cave you will see coral reefs, brilliantly colored tropical fish and other fascinating forms of marine life. The boat then returns to Rio San Juan where you will be taken to Playa Grande, where you’ll be able to swim on one of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean.

Packaged public tour: $50 US per person.  Large air conditioned bus picks you up at Columbus Plaza near Cofresi entrance, at 8:00 AM, and drops off after 7:00 PM.  On the return the bus drops off the 60 passengers at 15-25 hotels along the north coast, with Cofresi the last stop. Price includes lunch. Goes on Tuesday and Sunday.

Private, customized tour with additional sites; $65 US per person.  Goes any day. Picks up at Cofresi Cove mini market at 8:00 AM and returns around 6:00 PM.  Minimum of 6 people required. Lunch extra.

Extra features; After the visit to the ocean cave, your van takes you to a semi private, unspoiled and peaceful beach on a lovely cove fringed with palm and shade trees. You can purchase very low priced, delicious fresh cooked fish and other foods and icy drinks from local Dominicans and enjoy a picnic on the beach.  Swim and snorkel in the aquamarine, crystal clear waters, or lounge on beach chairs that can be rented. 

After this peaceful respite, your driver will take you to visit Playa Grande, one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. Here you’ll enjoy surfing, and the spectacular scenery before your driver takes you directly back to Cofresi, with stops only when, and for as long as, you request.


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Visit the Caribbean’s largest and newest Marine aquatic park located right in Playa Cofresi.  Enjoy the memorable experience of encounters with or swimming with dolphins and sea lions.  On the other hand, just sit back and watch the incredible performances of these mammals.

Take time out for refreshments or a leisurely lunch in a restaurant perched on coral reefs overlooking the ocean. Browse through shops filled with colorful, unique arts, crafts and clothing to bring back as souvenirs or for special gifts.

Reservations are essential for participations in Swims or Encounters. Observers pay an admission fee and are permitted only, at this time, when accompanying a participating guest. Prices include 12% tax. 

Dolphin swim: 
Adults and ages 13-17  $155 US, Children 6-12 $120 US. Children under 6 not allowed.

Dolphin Encounter:
Adults and ages 13-17  $120 US, Ages 4-12 $80 US. Ages 1-3 free with paying parent in same session.

Sea Lion Encounter:
Adults and ages 10-17 $85 US.  Ages 1-9 not allowed.

Admission Only:  Adults (13 and up) - $55

Admission Only: Ages 4-12 - $40

Admission includes:

  • Round trip bus transfers.

  • Lunch buffet (no drinks)

  • Snorkeling in Tropical Reef Aquarius
    (equipment included)

  • Swimming in Tiger Grotto
    (separated by tigers with glass)

  • Sea Lion Shows (twice per day)

  • Rainforest and Bird Exhibits

  • Observation of all Dolphin and Sea Lion interactive programs/

  • Usage of Dolphin Beach
    (beach lounge chairs included)

For admission we request a verbal statement from your ground handler (in our case, Gus is our representative. Send all requests to Rochelle Auletta, a.luciano@verizon.com or rochelle216@hotmail.com). Rochelle will relay your requests to Gus.

General information; Ocean World operates rain or shine and will not refund due to weather conditions unless Ocean World cancels the tour. In order for guest to receive refund, cancellations need a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Due to limited spaces, if cancellation is made less than 24 hours notice or guest is a no-show, there will be a full 100% penalty (exceptions will be made for medical emergencies with a doctor’s note). Guests must arrive at the park no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled program.

Participants should come with swimwear underneath their clothes, change of clothes with towel for after program activity, sun block and extra money or credit cards for photos/videos/gifts.

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Enjoy sunrise or sunset horseback tours of the beautiful tropical countryside around Playa Cofresi and the peaceful surrounding hills.

Price $30 US per person for a 2-hour ride every day.  Wear long pants, socks, tennis shoes or boots and take sun tan lotion or wear a hat. This tour is available for beginners and advanced riders. A well-trained staff rides with you.

You may choose an all-day Mountain Tour which leaves at 9:00 AM and returns at 3:00 PM. You will be treated to breath-taking views, a full lunch, and a soda as part of the package.

Price $65 US per person for the all-day tour.

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Gus has found a boat captain who fishes for a living.  Therefore, you have better chances of catching fish with someone who knows the best spots and whose livelihood depends upon this knowledge.  Sail and trawl in aquamarine Caribbean waters looking for blue marlin, broadbill, swordfish, Allison tuna, barracuda, and more fish.   

Price; $65 US per person. $450 US to charter entire boat with maximum of 7 people.  Drinks and fruit included.  Pick up at Cofresi Cove mini market.  Morning departure is at 7:45 AM, return around l:00 PM.  Afternoon departure at 12:45 PM, return around 6 PM.  Goes any day.

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A trip to an unspoiled paradise!  Your air-conditioned bus follows the coastal highway along the north coast beaches, and rice fields, through country villages, and into the endless coconut palm forests in Samana.  Once you arrive at the fisherman’s dock in the center of Samana, a motor launch takes you to the island of Cayo Lavantado.

Since this island is in a protected bay, the beaches are beautiful and the clear blue water is calm.  Here you can snorkel, swim or just relax.  It is small enough to explore on winding paths through thick, lush forests and hidden beaches.  You can purchase delicious locally cooked food and refreshing drinks to enjoy at picnic tables at one of the beaches.

This trip is especially interesting in February and March when the New England come here to spawn and you are apt to see them on your boat ride to the island.

Price: $60 US per person.  Warning: this is a long trip.  The bus picks up at Columbus Plaza at 5:30 AM and returns late at night.   The return time depends upon how many stops the bus has to make to drop off people at their hotels.  Cofresi is the last stop.  Trip goes on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

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This is a wonderful journey to the south-western part of the country to the Capital, which is the oldest European city in the New World.  Once there, you will visit the Colonial sector, see “Calle Las Damas”, the oldest street in Santo Domingo, “Fort Ozama”, and “Casa de Colon”, the house where Diego Columbus, son of Christopher, once lived.

You will visit the Cathedral, the oldest church in the western hemisphere, and the new, controversial lighthouse, a memorial to Columbus that was constructed for the City’s 500-year anniversary celebration.  You will also travel to a cave known as “Los Tres Ojos”. A geological phenomenon of stalagmites and stalactites.

Price: $60 US per person.  Large air conditioned bus picks you up at Columbus Plaza, near Cofresi entrance, at 6:40 AM and returns late at night.  This is a long trip but worth it for history “buffs’.  The drive through the interior of the country is also worth it. Goes Thursday only.  Lunch is included.  You may want to discuss the possibility of a private tour with Rochelle and Gus.

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The north coast of the Dominican Republic is noted for some of the best diving locations, especially for viewing wide varieties of tropical fish, some shipwrecks, and caves.  Gus can give you the best inside information about which tours are the most popular, how they rate, what they cost and then he will book the tour of your choice for you. He is also a representative for First Class Divers, an organization located right here in Cofresi that offers a wide variety of tours.  Here are some examples:

Freighter Wrecks off Monte Christe

Six years ago, two freighters from the Bahamas went down at the Bay of Manzanilla in 60-110 feet of water.  The surrounding coral banks are full of soft coral and colorful fish.  You swim around the wrecks and see, among other sites, a green moray eel named “Wilfred” and schools of soldier fish. This is a 2-hour ride to Monte Christe.  You leave from Hacienda Resorts promptly at 8:00 AM and return to Playa Cofresi around 6:00 PM.

Minimum of 4 people needed.  Lunch and equipment included. Price: $150 per person.

Diving in caves in Cabrera

The fresh water cave in Cabrera will be one of the highlights of diving in the Dominican Republic.  Cabrera is approximately 2 ½ hours by car from Playa Cofresi. It is a dive site that can be visited by inexperienced divers without risk.  The tunnels have a radius of 30 feet and are approximately 130 feet in length so one can quickly reach the surface at any time during the dive.  The maximum depth is 50 feet and the water temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheight.  The dive lasts 45 minutes.  In addition to freshwater fish, you will see thousands of shrimps.  Lunch and equipments are included. Minimum of 4 people are needed. Price: $90 per person.

Scuba Diving PADI certification


If you’ve wanted to try diving, here’s your chance to learn right here in Playa Cofresi in First Class Divers school for PADI CERTIFICATION IN SCUBA DIVING.  This 3-day course provides video sessions, lessons in the pool, and training in the open water.  They provide the highest safety and quality education.  You’ll enjoy your first diving experience in a relaxed atmosphere. All equipment and transportation is included. Course price: $450 per person


Note:  People who are interested in becoming diving instructors can do training right in Cofresi.  Ask Gus for details.

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     V.I.P. Snorkeling at Punta Rusia

Island at the National Park of Montecristi is known for having the most beautiful coral reefs in the whole Caribbean. You will drive along the scenic coast to Punta Rusia where you will take a 18 foot motorized boat through a mangrove forest to a small island where you are able to do some of the best snorkeling in the whole Caribbean. On the way home, you will see sugar cane, rice paddies, tobacco, and other crops of interest.

Price: $75 US per person.  Goes every day. The bus will leave from the Cofresi Cove Mini-Market at 8:15 AM and return about 5:30 PM. This is a V.I.P tour, which includes a full lunch, drinks, the boat ride, and all snorkeling equipment.

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     Other Tours

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than helping guests become better acquainted with this beautiful country, its people and its culture.  Gus would be available to help you plan a custom tour to cover sights of particular interest to you and your group, at your convenience. Please feel welcome to ask questions and learn what can be arranged to suit your interest, your budget, and your schedule.  We aim to please!

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Bring cash to pay for your tours

Most tours require payment in cash or traveller's checks.  Credit cards are not accepted.

Ocean World” is the only exception where you can book the tours with a credit card.

All the rest require cash or traveller's checks in such currencies as US dollars, Canadian, Euros and British pounds.  In the event of a cancellation, the refund will be made in the same currency of the original payment.  For example, pay in US dollars, and if you need to cancel and have given adequate notice or if the tour is cancelled, you will be reimbursed in US dollars.

You can pay in pesos but be advised that your refund, in the event of cancellation, will be in pesos. If this happens during the end of your trip, you may find it difficult or inconvenient to exchange your pesos before departing for home.

That is why we recommend you plan to pay for any tours with traveller's checks or currency other than pesos..

Special advisory about the Catamaran Tour

The Catamaran tour is quite popular and usually is completely booked.  Naturally reservations should be made in a timely manner to assure your space.

However, due to limited space on the craft, there is a full 100% penalty if cancellations are not made within a 24-hour notice.  If you should change your mind for any reason, you must give notice of cancellation 24 hours prior to departure.  Otherwise, you will not get a refund.

If, due to the weather, the company cancels the trip, a full refund will be offered.

If you have any questions about tours, please check with Gus Vasquez (tel: 1-809-438-8582).  His knowledge and experience will help you avoid pitfalls and assure you of a fun filled time. You’re in good hands with him  Enjoy your adventures!

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